I. Recruitment Policy:

  • Human is a key and core factor, and a valuable asset of every company. Personnel quality determines the success or failure of a company. Be aware of that, Sapuwa always pays attention on human resource policy, makes personnel be a competitive advantage of our Company.
  • After more than 26 years of establishment and development since September 26th, 1992, Sapuwa has always applied the business philosophy – 4 Clean: “Clean human, Clean workshop, Clean products, and clean profit” and Humane culture. The Sapuwa’s recruitment policy sets priority for staffs with at least 1 year experience, and focuses on personal capacity, professional ethics, responsibility awareness, hard-working, friendliness, and long-term engagement. These are elements for recruiting decision.   

  II. Training policy:

- We care much and treasure trainings. We give chances for all employees being trained in professional knowledge and working expertise to improve personal value and to contribute to the Company’s development. Beside the training programs required by the Government, we also send employees to short training programs outside. Additionally, the internal training courses are regularly held for all employees.

- The Company’s training courses are professionally and logically guided and organized. They are affective based on the real working experiences of each department, to assure that all trainees can apply training knowledge and expertise into real-life working. Furthermore, we encourage employees to study outside working hour to enhance their knowledge and personal improvement by:

+ Create favorable conditions to complete courses such as time and registration procedures;

+ Support training fees

- Detailed training courses are as following:

1. Integration training course: in order for new employees to quickly integrate into new working environment, and completely understand jobs assigned. All Sapuwa’s employees have chances to join the training courses about Company regulations and rules, company culture, employees and welfare policies. Simultaneously, these courses provide our products and services descriptions, detailed technical and expertise for each position.

2. Internal training course: we regularly hold internal training courses to enhance technical expertise and knowledge for employees during working process. We focus on training through actual working such as foods safety, foods security management, ISO 22000:2005, fire protection, safety working hygiene, communication and business English course…etc.

3. External training courses: we hire outside trainers and lecturers come to Sapuwa to train about technical knowledge such as business English, fire protection and rescue training, first aid training, working safety, foods safety.

- After finishing training courses, employees are given opportunities to apply knowledge and expertise in daily working, and are promoted for higher position and career improvement.

- Training targets:

+ 100% Sapuwa employees understand and are trained about foods safety, are aware of the Company and departments’ target on foods safety, and understand the importance of customers satisfaction on foods safety.

+ 100% Sapuwa employees are trained the integration course, understand the Company’s rules, regulations, and policies, Company history and development, production process, product types, and job description.

+ 90% employees gain A grade.    

Continual English course for employees

III/ Welfare policies:

  1. Salary policy: as Company’s regulations
  2. Welfare policies:
  • Social, health, and unemployment insurance by law, and 24/24 accident insurance when officially sign labor contract;
  • Provide uniform, and necessary personal working equipment… when officially sign labor contract
  • Monthly and annual leaves: as Company’s regulations;
  • Company trip: we operate annual company trip based on the Company’s financial status each year;
  • New year bonus (13th month salary), and business performance commission


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