Warranty policy

Along with the development of social life, economic sectors are also increasingly developing, contributing to improving human life. Therefore, Saigon Pure Water Limited Liability Company with the mission of bringing bottled pure water products , equipments, ... reaching international quality ISO / HACCP 22000:2018, meeting the needs of customers. However, any product or service may aslo encounter some problems due to various reasons. Therefore, along with the production and sales of products, SAPUWA also offers product warranty policies, giving customers peace of mind and satisfaction for customers. Specifically:

  • Free maintenance of hot and cold water heater for customers using SAPUWA drinking water. 
  • When the equipment is unexpectedly damaged, technical staff will respond promptly. All services are provided free of charge by SAPUWA.
  • If bottled water products, wooden shelves, water dispensers , etc. are damaged, have quality problems due to the company's fault, SAPUWA will support free exchange and compensation  as agreed upon.
  • SAPUWA always collects information and listens to customer ideas in order to timely improve the ideas that customers have contributed to improve customer service more and more completely.
  • When there are customer feedback on the service, product quality, customer service staff and customer service representatives will contact directly to resolve immediately and commit not to miss any complaints, any of the customers.
  • If you need to use bottled pure water products, wooden shelves, hot and cold machines, ... please contact SAPUWA via Call center: 1800 2085; Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/sapuwa1992/ ; Email: info@sapuwa.com to be served quickly, anytime, anywhere.

SAPUWA would like to sincerely thank and hope to serve you!



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