Development history

In the early 1990s, the Vietnamese pure and mineral drinking water market was neglected, famous foreign brands occupied and controlled the market at very high prices. Unhappy with that fact, we desired to improve the technological foods, meet the quality drinking water demand, and protect the domestic customers’ health. After years of research, with the gorvermental regulations had been encouraged for private sector, we perceived that this was an ideal opportunity for bottled drinking water industry.

Vision – Mission

With the desire of supplying quality bottled drinking water to consumers and with sustainable development strategy, SAPUWA keeps improving to be a leading Company in bottled drinking water industry. We maintain and continuously improve the Food Safety Management System according to Vietnamese and International standards in order to become a Vietnamese brand having status and position in the International market.


Experiencing 26 years of establishment, SAPUWA always put endlessly efforts to enhance product’s quality and service to maximize the customer’s demands. Until now, SAPUWA is honorly acknowledged the Vietnamese brand to receive achievements...

Organizational structure

The first year of establishment, SAPUWA had only 20 staffs and did not clearly divided into departments with certain functions. Nowadays, SAPUWA has 249 staffs, arranged in departments with clear function and responsibilities as stated in job descriptions.

SAPUWA's culture

As a Company with long history of develpment, towards the sustainable development in the world economic integration environment, SAPUWA has been completing our policies, business strategies, and business culture in which business culture is the most emphasized. From the beginning, the SAPUWA’s Broad of directors have oriented to create our own business culture - Humane culture.

Social responsibilities

The invisible values accumulated from a nice business culture, supporting to community, has created a humane image of SAPUWA. The SAPUWA’s humanity activitites not only supports to material and spiritual life for people need help, but also significantly impact on training to employees about love and social relations between people and colleagues. This encourages for humanity in SAPUWA family, that is our strategic action and becomes the Company’s tradition.

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