Hello July, SAPUWA is launching a special promotion as follows:

Get free 02 bottle 7 liters when buy 3 boxes of 24 bottles 400ml

Get free 1 box of 24 bottles of 400ml when buy 4 boxes of 24 bottles 400ml

Get free 1 Raincoat when buy 4 boxes of 24 bottles 400ml


1. Timeline: From June 15th 2022 to July 15th 2022

2. Eligible customers:

  • Applied for all orders through website, fanpage, hotline and buy direct from company or distribution of SAPUWA.
  • Not applied for SAPUWA’s distribution agents

3. Scope of application: Ho Chi Minh city

4. Noticed:

- Promotion applies to catalog prices, Customers please pay cash when receiving the products, debit is not be applied.

- This promotion shall not be applied in conjunction with any other offers, discounts or promotions applied.

- During the promotion, each customer can only buy maximum 10 units per product in an order and maximum is 3 orders.

-  Debit is not be applied.

- Customers please check carefully when you receive your products. SAPUWA refuses returning requests arising since the customer has successfully signed after receiving the products.

- SAPUWA has the right to refuse orders that are of different accounts but have the same IP, phone number, address, and phone number can’t be reached.


Having spent 30 years with customers is something that SAPUWA deeply appreciates. Receiving the trust of customers is always the motivation for SAPUWA to constantly develop - innovate products and services. SAPUWA hopes to become a solid companion on the journey of protecting health with customers.

Thanks & Best Regards!


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