In the afternoon of 12th Dec, 2019, in Ho Chi Minh city, SAPUWA’s honored to receive the Cup and Certificate for “The 15th - Top 10 Vietnamese prestigious brand” and “Sustainable development brands in 2019” awarded by Vietnam Trademark Development Research Center; Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations; in coordination with ministries, departments and Business associations.

 “The 15th - Top 10 Vietnamese prestigious brand” Cup

 “The 15th - Top 10 Vietnamese prestigious brand” Certificate

 “Sustainable development brands in 2019” Golden Cup

 “Sustainable development brands in 2019” Certificate

Over a quarter of century carrying the mission – “For community health”, SAPUWA has affirmed the right step in sustainable development strategy, that has brought outstanding quality products and services with the slogan “The ultimate of purity”. This is an annually national honor and reward to recognize the prestigious enterprises and brands that meet the international standards when facing with the market fluctuations.

Together with other rewards so far, these Golden Cup and Certificate are essential event to connect enterprises and customers; indicating the favor from customers, partners, and society.  Once again, it shows the SAPUWA’s development potential, making a new step of SAPUWA in creative journey to serve customers.

Trusting in the power of determination and solidarity, SAPUWA will continue to promote for resilience and push the best efforts in all circumstances to enhance our reputation in the market, with the desire to contribution in building up and promoting for Vietnam image as a country with high quality products and services that are ready in the path of integration.

Translate by Huong Nguyen