Presentation is a basic skill and necessary for all of us. In order to promote for employees in communication and presenting, Sapuwa has held the 1st “I’m a Sapuwa’s talented MC”. This is the most exciting event in chain of activities to celebrate the Sapuwa’s 25th birthday. 


The contest attracted more than 40 contestants from all departments of the Company, performing in 3 rounds from Jul 15th to Aug 19th, 2017.


The 1st round was held in Jul 15th, 2017 with 42 contestants presenting topics related to country, family, colleague…etc in 5 minutes. Base on 4 criteria including content, MC skill, performance style, and costume, the evaluation board has selected 25 best contestants to the 2nd round. 


In the 2nd round, 25 contestants chose a random topic among “hygiene and food safety”; “Social-cultural issues”; and “Cooperate culture”. With the same evaluating criteria like 1st round, 10 best contestants have been selected for the final round. Especially, 25 clips were posted on Sapuwa facebook for public voting. The contestant having highest voted clip, Ms. NGUYEN THI YEN NHI with 481 “Like”, will receive a special prize in the Sapuwa’s birthday ceremony. Ms. NGUYEN THI DIEU HIEN, the most flavored contestant, was exceptionally selected to the final.


The final round is competing of 10 highest score and 1 exceptional contestants, making it more interesting and intense. 11 contestants, 11 styles, 11 personalities have shone with the same topic: “Celebrating 25th years establishment of Sapuwa”. Beside being a MC, contestants also had to present their costume and answer the evaluators’ questions. Their talents, intelligence, and skills have made memorial moments for everyone. And, the final result is:


The 1st place is Ms. NGUYEN THI DIEU HIEN, receives 5millions vnd prize


The 2nd place is Ms.  PHAN THI BICH HAO, receives 2.5 millions vnd prize


The 3rd place is Mr. NGUYEN QUANG VINH, receives 1 million vnd prize.


Translate by Nhu Vu SAPUWA


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