“Difference day” – Day for Sapuwa’s men


Life is much better when equality, respect and fairness exit. While we have the international woman day – March 8th and Vietnamese woman day – October 20th to honor woman, we still don’t have any official day for man. At Sapuwa, we have a day called “Difference day” specialized for our wonderful men. Who are Sapuwa’s men?


  • They are drivers, regardless of long distance, work until late night to deliver goods to customers on time.
  • They are drivers’ mates, regardless of time and difficulty, try hard to better serve customers.
  • They are technicians, regardless of bad weather and location, repair and maintain machines and equipment.
  • They are IT, who assist technical issues such as installing word, excel, or repair computers for female colleagues.
  • They are all other gallant men who are working at all departments.


Days by days, these men are successfully completing their jobs and always willing to help other female colleagues in working. With the desire to create a fair environment, Mr. Le Nhu Vu – General Director has decided to choose Apr 8th and Sep 20th to become “Difference Day” to honor the Sapuwa’s men.


Party to honor Sapuwa’s men

Mr. Le Nhu Vu – General Director – Creator of Difference Day at Sapuwa


The Labor Union executive committee coordinated with female staffs have hold a party to celebrate the special day of men. Labor Union executive committee has given gifts and flower to all male staffs at the Company and Distribution Centers. The exciting and bustling atmosphere from the “Difference Day” spirit have spread out to all men working at Sapuwa, where we are really different.


 The happiness on men faces

 Exciting moment at Distribution centers


All male staffs had an unforgeable party where they received gifts, flowers, and sweet wishes from the female colleagues.

Mr. Thanh Hoang – Business Development Department said: “I’m really emotional… I have never been proud and honored like this. Thanks to all female colleagues and Sapuwa”

 “Unbelievable! The “Difference day” is amazing. Thanks to Sapuwa and I’ll try my best to complete the job to not disappoint the love that everyone has given to Sapuwa’s men” – Mr. Thi – Delivery team, shared.


Mr. Thi – Delivery team shared feelings at the party


The "Difference" day has passed, but for all SAPUWA staffs in general and the male staffs in particular, are still filled with emotion. The utmost pride, love, and above all, a deep gratitude to the Sapuwa’s Board of Directors who always understand and care about employees, creating a great day! Therefore, the SAPUWA’s men are constantly trying to successfully complete the jobs and work closely with the women to fulfill the mission of building and contributing to the prosperous development of SAPUWA.

Translate by Huong Nguyen