Sapuwa and the festival “For A Non-Violent Society”


In many years, in the media, violence in society has increasing in many aspects of life.

Violence takes place from the family to the school, from the road to the office, and from the country to the city.

This is not a single event or a special case limited in a certain group. It has become a common phenomenon that is swirling more and more objects. Children kill parents; parents kill children; husband kills and beats wife; wife fires husband; brothers kill each other because of asset conflicts; friends kill each other during party; strangers kill each other because of accidents; student and parent beat teachers; nanny abuses children; patients surround and beat doctors; …etc. These cause extremely heavy consequences. Abused victims are injured both physically and spiritually. The relationships between people and people are ruined and morality is corrupted, that is adversely affecting the culture and social civilization.

Whatever are the reasons: objective or subjective, because of living pressure, poverty, or drunk…etc., violence is action of people who lose their conscience, deteriorate their personalities, and go against our beautiful moral tradition “Love other like love ourselves”.

Our Country has been peace for more than 43 years after such a long period of war, hence, peace has a special meaning. Peace doesn’t not only mean fighting for national independence, territorial sovereignty, and national security, but also means citizens within a society respecting each other, knowing how to resolve hatred, and not heavily putting win – lose in life.

In order to emphasize the role of education and families’, schools’, and the media’s responsibilities with “Peace Culture”, in Oct 13th, 2018, at Thong Nhat Hall, the Ho Chi Minh City Peace and Development Fund (HPDF) coordinated with the City Peace Committee have opened the Ho Chi Minh City Peace Culture Day with the topic “For A Non-Violent Society”. The festival has created many models such as “Peaceful living”; “Family and children”; “School and juvenility”, … etc. and operated seminars, exchanges, sharing, consultation of peaceful living skills, book introduction, music, display, exhibition of valuable cultural images. It's such a pleasure for Sapuwa to join and materially and spiritually support to this meaningful festival.

Future of a nation is closely related to the next generation. Hence, in our knowledgeable and financial capacities, Sapuwa shall keep accompanying with the HPDF’s programs. We hope and dream about a bright future of Vietnam where people maintain harmonious relationships in family, community and society, and live with kindness, tolerance, and love respected. Meeting the requirements of a cultural human resource are also sustainable development platforms for the Country in the integration period.

Translate by Huong Nguyen