Meeting the requirements of leadership capacity, human resource management, creativity, brand protection, product/service quality, business result, sustainability, social responsibility, and stability, assessed by a professional and objective Council of Examiners, in the evening of July 6th 2019, in Ho Chi Minh city,  The Vietnam Brand Development Research Center in collaboration with Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations has honored and awarded Saigon Pure Water Company  (SAPUWA) two awards:

1. Golden Cup: “Top 10 Vietnamese excellent enterprises in creativity in 2019”


2. Title: Reliable quality products/services in integration

This is an annual activity operated by the Vietnamese Brands Magazine over 15 years, in order to encourage brands and outstanding products/services in all business fields that are trusted by consumers.  

Clearly define the importance of creativity as an indispensable factor in the development of production, business, and survival of enterprise, since the establishment in 1992, SAPUWA’s leader always facilitate for nurture creativity of all members in the Company. With the business philosophy attached with the creativity value, in the last 27 years, we have step by step implemented creativity in products and services, and improved in technology and production process such as improvement in packaging (shape; colors; designs, ...), adding product features and utilities, changing materials, .... Each SAPUWA product is a crystallization from the constant passion for creativity of experts in the drinking water industry.

Creativity not only promotes for productivity, improves in product and service quality, but also increases the competition capacity of enterprises in integration process of the Country.  Together with other awards that SAPUWA received, the Gold Cup and Title once again affirms the values that SAPUWA has committed to the society and community, makes a new step in SAPUWA’s creative journey. This is a motivation for SAPUWA to continue to push efforts to improve our reputation in the market, maintain the customers and partners’ trust, and indicate the readiness of SAPUWA with other Vietnamese companies to enter the path of integration


Translate by Huong Nguyen