First aid skills training is a course that provides basic knowledge about first aid and instructions on what to do to help or treat in the first place. The victim before an ambulance, or paramedic, or doctor arrives. This first aid is intended to prevent the condition from worsening, promote recovery, or possibly save the victim's life.

When there is an incident, your mind is often confused and cannot keep calm. However, first aid requires alertness and flexible response. In addition, the person performing first aid must be a person with professional knowledge, or at least must have basic knowledge of first aid to be able to operate properly and promptly. Therefore, the organization of first aid training is essential.

Recently on Sunday, 14th August, 2022, SAPUWA cooperated with Ho Chi Minh City First Aid and Disaster Prevention Training Center and the Go Vap District Red Cross to open a first aid training class for 50 employees.

The class provided useful and necessary skills and knowledge to decide the life and health of the victim in cases such as: Falling from a height, being bitten by an animal, fainting, drowning. , bleeding, broken bones, stroke, myocardial infarction, moving the victim…

Then, the trainees were involved in the practice of transporting the victim after the victim had received CPR, bandaged the wound, and tried to fix it. fracture fracture.

At the end of the first aid and first aid training session for SAPUWA, 50 students completed the course.


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