SAPUWA First Aid Training


To provide knowledge and skills in initial first aid when accidents occurred, common risks at work and everyday life, to minimize additional injuries, and to limit deaths and facilitate victims to recover before the medical supports, following the 2019 schedule, with supports from the General Director, in the morning of July 13th 2019, at SAPUWA Hall, SAPUWA Red Cross has held the First Aid Training class for more than 40 staffs. The class is guided by 2 doctors – lecturers from the Ho Chi Minh City’s First Aid.

Lecturing the theoretical instruction to staffs at the beginning of the class

The content of class focuses on the order of approaching (Identifying signs, Causes, Risks may occur) based on the rule: keeping safety for ourselves and finding the way to get victims out of risk area (if any) before first aid proceeding. After that we proceed detailed solution for each case: object in airway, burn, unconsciousness, bleeding, software damage, bone damage, joints, safe moving of victims.

After theoretical instruction, trainees practice through hypothetical situations with dummy and available medical supplies.

Trainees practice with dummy


Initially evaluate unconscious victim in a DRABC sequence before first aid proceeding: Danger (D) - Potential danger at the scene, Response (R) – Evaluate the response from victim - Airways (A): check and clear airways, Breathing (B) – check victims’ breathing, Circulation (C) – check victims’ pulse.

The class has logically time distribution between theory and practice, that make it attractive to participants.  

The staffs pay attention to the lecture

The most exciting moment is when trainees are divided into groups and directly experience the theoretical instructions in respiratory rescues people with cardiac arrest, stop breathing when being electrocuted, buried, traffic accident, falls from height, ... etc. how to handle injuries before bandages, bandage types such as roll bandage, solid tape, tape no. 8; how to use splints to fix fractures, temporary hemostasis, first aid for burns and safe ways to move victims in an emergency.

One way to handle fractures

One of safe moving for victim

With the actual and meaningful purposes, careful instruction from lecturers; and active participation from trainees, the class has successfully operated. Our staffs understood the importance and got lot of knowledge and skills about first aid. After training, all trainees were tested and assessed with 100% passing learning results and were granted First Aid Certificate for each individual by Ho Chi Minh Red Cross Association.

Translate by Huong Nguyen