Dear Valued Customers,

Strictly following the direction of the City People's Committee according to regulations, businesses must ensure both production and isolation of workers on the spot with the motto "3 on the spot": production on the spot - eat on the spot - stay on the spot.

Facing the increasingly complicated situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, as soon as the City has document proposed on the afternoon of July 13th to ensure the health of workers and at the same time ensure production work, SAPUWA Company has urgently promote and implement the motto "3 on the spot". Specifically, with some departments that can handle remote work, they will implement online work from home, maintaining some employees working at the factory. Within 24 hours, SAPUWA has arranged a race against time to quickly implement, on schedule and meet the strict requirements of the regulations under the motto "3 places" issued by the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.
Currently, SAPUWA has taken care of enough accommodation as well as essential facilities for more than 30 workers until the end of Directive 16.

SAPUWA still deploys normal production activities and ensures to meet enough goods for customers to use with peace of mind with the health and safety of customers and all SAPUWA employees being the top priority.
With the desire to bring peace of mind to customers and safer services every day, SAPUWA is doing its best to join hands with the community to overcome the pandemic.
We hope that our dear customers always stay healthy and always accompany the Government and local communities to overcome the pandemic and stabilize their lives together.

Thank you very much!


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