To encourage the enterprise community heading to creativity, innovation, and constant improvement in satisfying customer needs, and on the occasion of 12th Vietnamese Entrepreneur Day anniversary, in the afternoon of October 15th 2016, the Vietnamese Brands Magazine has held a solemn ceremony to honor and award individuals and enterprises that have great efforts in business and

Based on the nomination from a reputable, professional, and experienced Voting Council, Vietnam Science and Technology Unions Associations coordinating with the Intellectual Property Department - Science & Technology Ministry, have reviewed, selected and awarded the "Top 10 Development Brands in integrated economy" for Saigon Pure Water Limited Liability Company and “ Vietnamese Typical Businessman in 2016” for Mr. Le Nhu Vu, General Director of SAPUWA. These awards significantly contribute to SAPUWA’s awards collection, and strengthen the SAPUWA successful basement during formation and development.



SAPUWA is honor to be a leading company in changing the Vietnamese customers’ habits for beverages, finding an optimal solution to ensure safety water source for Vietnamese family health, and forming domestic products with international standard. Over the last 24 years, with philosophy of producing and trading products that are good for human health, Mr. Le Nhu Ai –Chairman and also founder of SAPUWA, always tries his best to meet the market needs, gradually creates a solid foothold in the customers’ hearts domestically and internationally.


From January 2010, after graduating in Business Administration at a prestigious University in USA, Mr. Le Nhu Vu (the next generation - son) backed to home country, helped Mr. Ai (father) in many different positions, and then has officiallyinherited his dad in managing the company.



Since taking the position of SAPUWA’s leader, with modern management mindset, enthusiasm, flexibility of youth, solid platform of knowledge, and leadership talent inherited from father, SAPUWA operated under the 8x leader, has positive achievements in rebuilding distribution, restructuring human resources, and enhancing company structure. Since 2010, SAPUWA has gained profits more than planned. In Mr. Vu’s opinion, each award and each achievement that SAPUWA gained is from sweats and efforts of entire employees. Hence, besides compliance with law, fulfillment tax obligations to government, and charity, he always concerns about how to improve working conditions and benefits to take care of employees’ material and spiritual lives.

The awards are recognition for endless efforts of the young businessman in managing the SAPUWA to success, and also indicating the personality of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs that are moral, and have responsibility to employees and society.

Xuan Lan – Admin. & Org. Dept.


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