Sapuwa received the Commendation “Good implementation of food safety in 2018”

In a lively atmosphere celebrating lunar new year, the Go Vap People's Committee held the conference to honor the companies that had outstanding achievements in food safety implementation. The conference aimed to encourage companies in food and beverage industry to have responsibility in consumers’ health and to supply good quality products to the market. Sapuwa’ s honored to receive the Commendation - “Good implementation of food safety in 2018” signed and awarded by the chairman of Go Vap People’s Committee.
Entering the market since 1992, Sapuwa’s pure drinking water products have always been complied with strict rules of the World and Vietnamese Ministry of Health about safety conditions. We have highly invested in the Company’s infrastructure; modern production machines and equipment; scientific researches and advanced technology application in risk analysis for food safety; and upgraded our laboratory to meet the regional standards. Besides, Sapuwa’s water source is regularly tested for non-microbial or metal contamination. We also carefully select input materials, choose the capable and well trained human resource, and deliver true information about products. Therefore, throughout the journey of more than 26 years of continuous creation and innovation, Sapuwa’s products have been familiar with domestic and international customers, contributing to the successful implementation of the Company’s commitments to the customers’ health and the government.
The commendation is an important recognition to verify that Sapuwa’s products are safe. Sapuwa will keep completely complying with the State laws and regulations about food safety and committing to supply safe products for community health.
Translate by Huong Nguyen