In the past years, life care, protection of the legitimate and benefits of union members, who have always been particularly cared for by the Trade Union of Saigon Pure Water Limited Liability Company (SAPUWA) of Go Vap District Labor Union, which is continuously promoted, contributing to a promotion of the competition for skilled labor, creative labor, and the motivation of workers to rise up, zealously produce.

The company union has taken the initiative to coordinate with its employers in well organizing the Laborers' Conference on the guarantees of democracy and objectivity as well as the laborers' opinions on the labor policy regimes to be answered in time by the employers; hold regular conferences of dialogue at work. In addition, the union frequently employs timely handling of workers' policies, such as salaries, social insurance, salary upgrades, health care, maternity, and so on. The staff of the enterprise is adequate and has provisions on the rights and obligations of employers and employees in the company.

In addition, the union actively dissects its cadres and employees on lines and lines of the party, policies and laws of the State; To organize activities to celebrate big holidays and implement effective labor practices: "Good labor," "Creative labor," "learning movements" to raise the level of education and professional expertise, meet the integration and development requirements, "and" clean and clean labor hygiene, thereby promoting productivity, quality, efficiency and planning of the units.

Birthday presents to the staff

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Given the efforts of the executive Board of trade and all of its members and employees, The SAPUWA union has achieved notable achievements, many years in a category of outstanding tasks by the Go Vap District Labor Union, which is awarded the award by the Go Vap District Labor Union and this time a compliment for achieving many of the outstanding achievements in its 10 years of implementation of the union laws 2012-2022.




Go Vap District Labor Union Commendation is offered to SAPUWA Union for "achieving many distinguished achievements in 10 years of implementation of 2012-2022 Union Law"

It has worked well, affirms the role of a mass organization within the company, working together with the employees, building strong union organizations, creating trust and solidarity of the union members and workers into the public trade union.

Thanh Thuy- SAPUWA



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