Taking good care of labor

Taking care for employees with all hearts, enterprises will get back their enthusiasm in works.


“Human resource takes a very important role in a company development. Hence, in order to grow sustainably, employers need to comply with the law, and especially take good care of both material and spiritual lives of employees” Mr. Tran Ngoc Dung – Director of An Thien Pharma Company said in the meeting recently held by Labor Union of District 8, Hochiminh city.    


At Sapuwa, many activities have been taken place in labor month, as it’s also to celebrate the Company’s 25 years anniversary. The Sapuwa’s managers have created many outdoor games and sports activities to help workers relax after hard working hours.


With workers, this labor month has a special meaning as Mr. Le Nhu Vu, General Director of SAPUWA, has been honored by Hochiminh City Labor Union in the “Accompany with enterprises” program. Despite of young age and experiences, Mr. Le Nhu Vu (was born in 1985) is highly appreciated due to his sociable life style and close relationship with workers.


As his father, Mr. Le Nhu Ai, Mr. Vu determined that taking care for employees is the core element for sustainable development. “The Company’s target is creating a friendly working environment and keep increasing benefits for employees to make them assured in long term commitment”, Mr. Le Nhu Vu said.


Sapuwa’s leaders have taken this target throughout many years. Besides social, health, and unemployment insurance, the Company also provides 24/24 accident insurance for all workers. Every month, workers receive gasoline, business trip, and telephone subsidy as well. Female workers having babies under 12 months receive bonus - 400,000 vnd/month. The Company’s main product is bottled drinking water, which freely provide for all workers as a mean to protect their health.


Besides, Sapuwa provides free accommodations for more than 20 employees. For employees who rent houses, the Company supports from 500,000 to 5,000,000 vnd/month, depends. These supporting have strengthened the relationship between owner and workers.


Creating sustainable base


34 Enterprises, outstanding achievement in owner-worker relationships, have been honored in the “Accompany with enterprise” program. They not only comply with the law, but also create and support for labor union in completing salary and benefits policies. The employers’ social responsibilities awareness has made their relationships with workers stronger.



*From article of Ms. Thanh Nga, Worker Newspaper

Source: nld.com.vn/cong-doan/doi-dai-chan-tinh 20170604215947274.htm


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