First of all, the Board of Directors and Staffs of Saigon Pure Water Limited Liability Company would like to send the sincere thanks to our customers. Especially, in recent time, we were temporarily closed because of affection by the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to thanks for your sharing and supporting.

Dear Valued Customers,
Due to the complicated situation of the pandemic, to ensure protect the health and safety of employees, customers and the community, SAPUWA is temporarily closed.

After all employees were tested for COVID-19 and got the negative results, we would like to inform customers that SAPUWA re-opens as normal in July 1st, 2021 and continue to serve the drinking water needs as usual..

Up to now, the situation of the COVID-19 Pandemic is still complicated. In order to seriously implement urgent measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic issued by the State agencies; to ensure your health, limit direct contact between customers and delivery staffs as much as possible, during this social distancing period meaning SAPUWA will ensure not delivery goods inside, but we only serve delivery of water to gathering points / designated position, specifically as follows:

* For Enterprises/Organizations: SAPUWA delivers water to gathering points of Enterprises/Facilities such as: cellars, warehouses, lobby, doors, etc.

* For Customers in private households: SAPUWA delivers water at the gate/frontdoor.
* For Customers in Apartments/Buildings: SAPUWA delivers water to the elevator lobby/main gate/entrance, etc. (Depending on the actual situation at the Apartment/Building).

We hope that customers cooperate with ​SAPUWA to ensure the safety (according to 5K rules) that the State has been set out.

Once again, SAPUWA would like to sincere thanks to customers for your understanding, sharing and always accompanying us.

Wishing you a lot of health, peace, happiness and success.

Best regards.


     LE NHU VU