The warm 24th anniversary of founding Saigon Pure Water Limited Liability Company (SAPUWA)

After many days of excitement for preparation, in the afternoon of 1stOctober 2016, at SAPUWA’s headquarter, the anniversary of the 24th years foundation (26th Sep 1992 to 26 Sep 2016) has taken place solemnly and exaltedly.


The participants are Board of Directors, unions, guests and more than 240 employees of the Company. This event made a new milestone in the Company’s production and trading, further strengthening the success that SAPUWA has achieved through out the formation and development history.


After blowing candles and cutting birthday cake, the ceremony has ben started by song “Happy birthday SAPUWA” to enhance an exciting atmosphere.  Mr. Le Nhu Ai, chairman, reviewed the company development history and honored employees who joined the company from the beginning, shared difficulties, collectively contributed to setting up the foundation and development for the Company nowadays.



Everyone’s highly appreciated the Company’s founder, the 1st businessman paves the bottled drinking water industry in Vietnam to replace imported products, contributing to country development. Moreover, his business is always associated with building the SAPUWA’s culture. Until now, the next generation, Mr. Le Nhu Vu, General Director, has inherited that SAPUWA’s traditional culture.



One of the most touching moment is when Mr. Vu Nam (Labor Union Chairman), on behalf of employees, thanked the Company’s leaders for always care for employees’ spiritual live and health, indicating in many welfare programs that only SAPUWA offers such as: annual maternity allowances, 24 hours accident insurance, annual company trip…etc. Especially, each year the company takes 40% of profit for the rewarding programapplied foremployees in all levels. These programs remark the recognition, honor and thank to all individual contributing to the Company’s development.



Ms. Nguyen Thi Xuan Lan, assistant to general director, among the longest employee’s time, on behalf of all employees, committed to continue striving to fulfill tasks, unity, hard working, joint efforts to make the company stronger and increase profits. All employees supported her thoughts by unitedly chants “Decisive” encouraging the whole area.


Everyone enjoyed the party and music that was performed by singers from the Company's departments and the distribution centers. The meaningful songs are about homeland, parents, and couples love; enthusiasm of youth…etcwere performed excellently for best wishes for SAPUWA’s 24th birthday ceremony.



Besides enjoying music, the ceremony had organized lucky draws, which consisted of more than 110 valuable rewards such as helmet, USB, electronic rice cooker, laptop, and Iphone 6S and 7. Each employee had one draw and putted in lucky box. The organizer randomly chose one person to pick up a draw. Fortunate employees excitedly came on stage to receive rewards in harmony with cheering of all participants.


The beautiful flowers are given to the singers, applauded along with excellent performance by the 02 MCs. Many surprised awards happened exceeding the plan such as extra coolers, Iphone 6s and Iphone 7… which caught attention the participant from the beginning to the end.


The impressive birthday ceremony has positively promoted for all company members, brought all members closer, to make SAPUWA becomes a common family. It is a significant milestone for Company in reaching new heights in the future.


Collected by Nhu Vu SAPUWA


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