Dear our Loyalty Customers,

According to the governmental officials, the COVID-19 pandemic has been occurred dramatically complicated, unexpected and affected to the public health. The numbers of infection have been constantly increased daily.

Until 18h March 24th, 2020, the official correspondence announces to shut down all the restaurants, entertainment areas, karaoke… all over the Ho Chi Minh city. The representative of the government encourages each citizen to follow the guidelines to save the community giving a hand to prevent the COVID-19 spreads.

A Vietnamese brand that has always been plays responsible roles to the community’s health, SAPUWA company always tries to give our best efforts to help our country passes through this difficult time.

Obviously, SAPUWA has supplied to the consumers the best quality of products and outstanding services to protect the society health. Especially, all of our employees have followed strictly regulations to prevent the spread of the disease such as: face masks, hand sanitizers, temperature checks, supply vitamin C, cleanups, sanitizing working spaces, delivery vehicles….

To our consumers,

In order to protect your safety and our staffs, to help the delivery process safety, more efficiencies, below are some of the tips so that you may to follow:

- Stay a distance between customer and our delivery employees (about 2 meters)

- Customers those who are cash-payers should pay online prior to our delivery

- Leave out your empty bottles in front of the door and our delivery staffs will put new bottles at your gate and call you to notice.

- Encourage customers to use your own pen at this time to sign the water delivery card

- Encourage customers to use substitute products (01 time usage) such as: 5L bottles (with or without tap), 1.5L, 500ml, 330ml bottles.

- Support order online on our website: www.sapuwa.com or fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/sapuwa1992/ for efficiencies and prompt.

- If you acknowledge that our delivery employees do not wear face mask, or any necessary prevention, please let us know through this number: (028) 2216 7777 to prevent this from happening again.

- In the delivery process, if you have any recommendations that you think may help us to improve safeties for both sides, please share with us to make it better next time.

Health of customers, our employees and societies are priority of SAPUWA, we would try to perform our best to assist our country preventing this COVID-19 pandemic spreads. SAPUWA sincerely appreciate for your supports over the years. Hopefully, with small hands from you and our staffs will stay strongly together to pass through this tough time and we all will expect brighter future waiting ahead of all!

Once again, we commit to produce the highest possible quality product and outstanding services to prioritize the safety to the community. Your understanding, support and share are the most wonderful motivations to help us improve every day.

From the bottom of our hearts we would please wish you and entire your family a fully health.

Respectfully yours,

General Director