Vision – Mission

A. Vision:

With the desire of supplying quality bottled drinking water to consumers and with sustainable development strategy, SAPUWA keeps improving to be a leading Company in bottled drinking water industry. We maintain and continuously improve the Food Safety Management System according to Vietnamese and International standards in order to become a Vietnamese brand having status and position in the International market.

B. Mission

      *To customers

  • Provide products at committed quality;
  • Ensure foods safety requirements for all products produced at the Company;
  • Be responsible of safe products for consumers’ health during distribution process in market;
  • Create realistic promotion and customer service programs;
  • Advertise to increase the customers’ awareness about SAPUWA’s products via internet, website, media, and fair. 

        *To employees

  • Take care of both material and spiritual employees’ lives;
  • Proper technical train for all employees to meet the Foods Safety Requirements in production process;
  • Improve the labor policy, salary, bonus for employees to promote for creativity and dedication;
  • Arrange the right person for right position;
  • Improve the Company culture.

       * To partners, suppliers, and other companies

  • Make payments on-time as agreed in contracts, encourage partners and suppliers to take proper business activities;
  • Apply fair competition and moral behavior with competitors.

       * To society:

  • Fully and timely implement tax obligations and other obligations in accordance to the law.
  • Be aware of environmental protection, maintain a clean public atmosphere and a clean, healthy, hygienic, unpolluted, smoke-free working place.
  • Contribute to social charity programs.