SAPUWA's culture


As a company with long history of develpment, towards the sustainable development in the world economic integration environment, SAPUWA has been completing our policies, business strategies, and business culture in which business culture is the most emphasized. From the beginning, the SAPUWA’s Broad of directors have oriented to create our own business culture - Humane culture.

The Broad of Directors encourage staffs to live frankly, care and share with others. Staffs live, treat, and consider others like family members.

Especially, directors are always fair, closed and care about both material and spiritual life of employees. The SAPUWA’s Labor Union regularly finds out difficult circumstance to have proper supports. Every month, the Chairman of Labor Union meets one employee, listen to his/her sharing about personal circumstance, pros and cons in working and life…then, the Chairman will report to the General Director to discuss about best supports. The “Nhan Ai Foundation” was born to raise fund for staffs with difficulties.

In the holidays, SAPUWA often organizes lively, joyful, and warm parties for staffs. Besides, the Company regularly operates art and sports activities or company trip to make employees relaxed after hard working hours. Based on monthly and annual reports, SAPUWA honors person with excellent achievement.

These humane values have encouraged SAPUWA’s staffs to stay longer: 10 years, 20 years, and more to contribute to the Company sustainable development and SAPUWA brand status today. 


Parallel to the Humane culture, the business philosophy - 4 CLEAN is the guideline in all business activities of SAPUWA.

2.1 Clean human

“Clean human” criteria is the first SAPUWA’s priority. The employees’ charateristics, spirit, and behavior are created and practiced by the Company’s trainings and promotions for responsibility and saving consciousness, and environment protection awareness. SAPUWA also focuses on technical training for each position. We create the annual promotion program, and let employees understand that their incomes based on their individual contribution.

Currently, SAPUWA has a well-trained, dymamic, and professional workforce, that have significantly contributed to the Company’s success.

2.2 Clean Workshop

Parallel to the business culture, SAPUWA focuses on “Clean workshop” model practise. From the beginning, SAPUWA has built the workshop applied the GMP-WHO standard with modern technological production line, and clear, clean, and convenient working environment. We have applied the Japenese model – 5S (Seiri - Filter; Seiton – Sort; Seiso – Clean; Seiketsu – Care; Shitsuke – Ready). These are premise elements to produce Clean Products from clean environment, clean materials, safety, and effectiveness satisfied all foods safety requirements.  

2.3 Clean Products

Based on Clean Human and Clean Workshop, SAPUWA creates Clean Products by applying a completely controlling system from production to distribution to the end users. We have trained and required all staffs and managers to meet “Clean Products” requirement.  Our products are regularly inspected for chemical, physical, microbiological, heavy metals, radioactive substances, plant protection substances at SAPUWA’s laboratory and other reputable functional inspection agencies in and outside the Country. Our products must meet the standards and regulations of Vietnam, FDA, the World Health Organization (WHO) before distributed to the market.

2.4 Clean Profit

During the growth and integration, SAPUWA always highlights the importance of complying to the government’s policies, laws and regulations including timely and fully tax obligation payment.

Besides, SAPUWA is active in charity, and non-profit supports to charitable programs about education, sports, arts, cultures, and medical.