Development history

In the early 1990s, the Vietnamese pure and mineral drinking water market was neglected, famous foreign brands occupied and controlled the market at very high prices. Unhappy with that fact, we desired to improve the technological foods, meet the quality drinking water demand, and protect the domestic customers’ health. After years of research, with the gorvermental regulations had been encouraged for private sector, we perceived that this was an ideal opportunity for bottled drinking water industry.

Hence, in 1990 we boldly invested and established the Saigon Pure Water Private Factory at 3,000 square meters location. With “The Ultimate in purity” slogan, SAPUWA has been consistent in bottled drinking water business with the outstanding achievements:

  • SAPUWA is the first company in bottled drinking water industry that has used Ozone (O3) water sterilization technology, invested and applied the world modern technological process and equipment.
  • SAPUWA is the pioneer in introducing hot and cold dispenser and 5 gallons bottle to customers and using P.E.T plastic bottle in drinking water production in Vietnam market.
  • SAPUWA is the Company that early successed in applying the International Quality Management System – ISO 9002 version 1994 since 2001 and successfully upgraded to the ISO 9001:2008 in 2009. Furthermore, we gained the international ISO 22000:2005 in 2014.
  • SAPUWA is the first and only bottled drinking water Company in Vietnam that is certified for the “Foods Safety HACCP/ISO 22000:2005”.

However, in the early years of foundation, we have faced with many difficulties since we had to directly compete with imported similar products, and import some of input materials …etc. The high production cost and tough competition with exported products had limited our products to penetrate the market and our brand to widely reach customers. Therefore, in many years, the Company had lost and been difficult in production. However, with the best efforts of broad of directors and all staffs, we have overcome…

Currently, SAPUWA has gained many outstanding achievements. SAPUWA’s products have settled the status in market, accounted for 25% of current bottled drinking water market share. Our revenue keeps increasing year after year. Our products keep improving in quality and design. Our employees keep enhancing expertise in products and services…etc.

Consequently, SAPUWA has received many medals, merits, and certificates from the departments and offices from Central to local governments.