Organizational structure


SAPUWA's operation hierarchy 

The first year of establishment, SAPUWA had only 20 staffs and did not clearly divided into departments with certain functions

Nowadays, SAPUWA has 249 staffs, arranged in departments with clear function and responsibilities as stated in job descriptions.


Beside the technical departments,we also have unions.

We are early conscious that creating unions is very necessary, especially for private enterprise. Hence, right after establishment, we immediately created unions, which help the Company to educate and foster employees’ consciousness, and create opportunities for employees to participate in unions with benefits and obligations.

Especially, we quickly responsed to the Party’s encouragment for creating party cell in private sector. SAPUWA was among the first companies in Go Vap district established party cell. With the significant supports from the Broad of directors, our unions’ activitites are developing. Therefore, they are highly evaluated and studied.

- The Party cell was established in 2003. Curently, there are 14 members, in which there are 9 members developed from within the Company. Our party cell is a strong and transparaent unit in consecutive 9 years from 2004 to 2012. The cell was awarded due to the excellent achievements in building the Party and unions in private enterprises and foreign investment enterprises according to the 7th order of Political Bureau.

The Party Cell has received the merit from the City People’s Committee for exellently compelting 11-CT/TU order about strengthening the Party – Union in private sector.

We have also received many other merits from the Go Vap People’s Committee about developing Party’s members, and completing the 11th order to study and follow the moral example of President Ho Chi Minh.

 - The Labor Union was established in 1994, currently attracts 100% employees’ participation. We have gained many merits by the Viet Nam General, City, and district Confederation of Labor.

 - The Youth Union was established in 2001. There are about 100 members. The Central, City, and Local Youth Union have honored and award for excellently completing obligations. Our Youth Union is recognized by the City as an outstanding unit, and it is a leading union of Go Vap’s Union.

- The Red Cross was established in 2001, current number of members are 170. In many years, the SAPUWA’s Red Cross is honored and awared by the State, City, and Go Vap district Red Cross for our active contribution in humanitary activities.


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