Social responsibilities

The invisible values accumulated from a nice business culture, supporting to community, has created a humane image of SAPUWA. The SAPUWA’s humanity activitites not only supports to material and spiritual life for people need help, but also significantly impact on training to employees about love and social relations between people and colleagues. This encourages for humanity in SAPUWA family, that is our strategic action and becomes the Company’s tradition.

1/ Medical field

  • In 1997, donate a new specialized vehicle to the City Red Cross;
  • Coordinate with the Children's Hospital 2 – Hochiminh city, to set up a Tumor Treatment - Hematology Zone for children with cancers. The zone, costs billions of VND, consists of 10 rooms including 80 beds, wardrobes, toys…etc. The activity has shared the burden with the Tumor falcuty for children in other hospitals and gave better treatment conditions for children with cancers;
  • Support free medical examination and treatment in difficult areas;
  • Promote for blood donation program;
  • Support to the campaign: “Action month for quality, and food hygiene and safety” operated by the Food Administration Department, belonged to the Ministry of Health;
  • Participate in state, city, and district “green-clean-nice” programs,
  • Create protection process in case of epidemic to protect staffs’ health, customers’ health, and community.

 2/ Education field

  • The international physic prize – Ministry of education;
  • English festival day for high school students – Hochiminh Education and Training Department;
  • Semester summary and scholarship day of the City and District’s schools;
  • Career Festival day;
  • Job center of youth union – labor exchange market;   
  • “Vu A Dinh”, “Khuyen Hoc”, “Hoa Nhan Ai” scholarship…etc;
  • SEA TO SEA 2018
  • Free SAPUWA’s products to teachers on the occasion of Teacher day and Holidays to indicate the respect to teachers as our national tradition.

SAPUWA accompanies with the 2019 Examination Season Supports

SAPUWA accompanies with the 2018 Examination Season Supports

           3/ Sports field

  • In 1997, sponsor for the female soocer team including uniform, products, and fees in practise and competition in Indonesia, when they first took part in SEAGAMES – 1997
  • Sponsor for The Golf – ITE Vietnam tournament; Golf Callaway tournament; Tennis Cup; volleyball Cup; Veteran Badminton Cup, Soccer Cup, Traditional Tennis Cup, Billards Snooker, International Basketball Cup before Indoor Games, Hochiminh Student Free Wrestling cup, Chess Cup, Billard, National Wushu Cup, 16th National U21 Soocer Cup, 6th International U21 Soocer Cup, and sponsor for Saigon Soocer FC.

4/ Art and culture field:

  • The camp “Pride – 60 years Dien Bien Phu won celebration” by Emulation and Reward Department
  • The annual International Food Festival – Hochiminh Interntional School
  • The “Ao Dai festival”; “Southern food festival”; and “Guiness Banh Tet festival” event; the “Ao Dai Charm”; “Army camp” contest; the Asian Businessman – Enterprise exchange; the civil officers cultural day…etc.

          5/ Children – Family:

  • Support 107 table sets and supply free drinking water for the Training Center for Disabled People created and operated by the Ho Chi Minh Association for the Disabled People and Orphans.
  • The international children, summer camp, full moon festival, share with poor children for Tet holidays, especially join in the programs for disabilities, agent orange affected children, orphans, …. operated by the Ho Chi Minh Association for the Disabled People and Orphans, Hy Vong school, SOS children village, and disable children assistant center…etc.

Visit and gift to the Go Vap Children Support Center

6/ Other fields:

  • Annualy organize the program to provide free rice and drinking water to 1,200 poor households in 16 wards in Go Vap district;
  • Implement 5 among 9 humanity programs operated the Go Vap Red Cross, raised 426 million Vietnam dongs.
  • Supply free SAPUWA’s products to all poor households in Go Vap district from 2000 until water installation completed.
  • Regularly donate 5-gallon bottle to the charity units such as the Go Vap Children Support, Thanh Loc Elderly and Disabilities Supports, Ho Chi Minh Disablitity and Orphans Supports, Ky Quang Pagoda, Hy Vong school, Fire Protection Police Department, and the “Thuy’s Dream – Ho Chi Minh Tumor Hospital” program.
  • Sponsor for the program of Tet for difficult workers and youth by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Tet for poor household and veterans in Go Vap district by Go Vap party cell, and Elderly counseling and care center.
  • Give gifts to journalist on the Vietnam journalist day to strengthen the relationship between press and public. SAPUWA also supports for pagodas and churches in Go Vap and other areas to express our respect to religion and Vietnamese tradition.
  • Accompany with the charity programs such as “Am Tinh Mua Xuan – Spring warmth”, “Thap Sang Uoc Mo - Lighting Dreams”, “Ket Noi Yeu Thuong – Love Connection” music show; participate and accompany with “Terry Fox Run”, “Vi Nguoi Ngheo – For the poor”, “Vi Nan Nhan Chat Doc Da Cam – For Agent Orange Victims”

Accompany in “Green consumption 2018” campaign

Terry Fox Run Việt Nam