Answer the question of whether pure drinking water is good or not in detail

Water is always an essential ingredient for this life, accounting for 71% of the Earth's surface area and 60% of the human body. However, natural clean water sources are increasingly scarce due to environmental pollution. Pure drinking water was born to meet the need for clean water for people. So, Is pure drinking water good? This paragraph SAPUWA will provide you with detailed answers about the concept, benefits and notes when using pure drinking water.

1. What is purified water?

What is purified water?

Before answering the question Is pure drinking water good? Then let's learn about the concept and characteristics of pure water. Pure water is water that only contains two chemical components Oxygen and Hydrogen in a ratio of 2:1, corresponding to the formula H2O. The highlight is that other minerals, impurities, bacteria, viruses and harmful substances that affect human health are almost absent in pure water due to modern filtration technology systems and treatment processes. by mechanical methods.

Characteristics of pure drinking water:

  • Neutral: With a pH of 7, pure water is neither acidic nor alkaline.
  • Colorless, odorless and tasteless: In its natural state, water has no color, smell or taste.
  • Poor conductivity: Pure water does not conduct electricity or conducts electricity poorly because it does not contain ions on one's own do.
  • Good solubility with many other substances such as solids, liquids and gases.
  • State transition at a certain temperature: At room temperature it will be liquid, freeze at 0°C and boil at 99.974°C under standard atmospheric pressure.

2. Health benefits of pure drinking water

Health benefits of pure drinking water

Is pure drinking water good?? With pure and safe properties, it plays an important role in protecting health and improving quality of life. Let's SAPUWA Discover the wonderful benefits for the body and beauty, helping you understand the importance of using pure drinking water every day. 

Provide enough water for the body

Water always plays an essential role in the body and all daily activities, participating in metabolism, regulating body temperature, etc. When we provide enough water for the body, it helps Increase metabolic efficiency up to 30%, become more efficient, maintain health and flexibility.

Purifies the body, eliminates toxins

Purifies the body, eliminates toxins

Pure drinking water helps the body purify and eliminate toxins and waste from the body through sweat and urine. Drinking enough water will avoid the risk of kidney stones, urinary stones,...

Promotes a healthy digestive system

When we consume enough water for the body, it will help prevent constipation, bloating and other digestive problems. Along with that, it will support the digestive system to operate effectively and absorb nutrients better.

Protect the cardiovascular system

Is pure drinking water good?? Water will help maintain a regulated blood flow in the body, the heart can function effectively, reduce the risk of blood clots, and prevent cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, and infarction. myocardium,.. and other problems.

Supports optimal kidney function

The kidneys are the organs responsible for removing toxins from the body and filtering blood every day. Drinking enough water will help the kidneys function better, maintain electrolyte balance in the body, prevent kidney stones, kidney failure,...

The secret to radiant skin

The secret to radiant skin

Every day, with an average of 2 liters, water will help you immediately own a skin that is moist, shiny, soft, smooth, bright and healthy, reduces wrinkles, slows down the skin aging process and water also helps promote Speed ​​up the skin recovery process after damage.

Take care of your hair to make it more shiny

When the body is provided with enough water, not only will the internal organs function well, but it will also affect the external parts such as skin, hair, body shape,... Shiny hair, Soft, smooth, tangle-free, and breakage-free will not be difficult to achieve when you provide enough water and combine it with appropriate hair care products.

Supports effective and safe weight loss

You want to lose weight quickly but safely for your health, so why not combine your weight loss schedule with daily amounts of pure water. Water will limit cravings more and support the weight loss process, effectively reducing calorie intake.

The secret to retaining youth

When there is enough water for the body, maintaining youthfulness with shiny, smooth skin, shiny hair, and a perfect figure is not difficult. Besides, water will also help the body function effectively, increase resistance and increase the ability to prevent diseases.

3. Is pure drinking water good?

The answer is definitely yes HAVE because of the good benefits for human health when properly using pure drinking water. Although there are many useful effects, we need to build an effective eating plan to bring good health, a strong body, and prevent all types of diseases.

4. Notes when using purified water

Pure water is processed through many processes and technologies to remove impurities, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, ensuring consumer health. However, if not used properly, it can cause many unforeseen harmful effects. So after knowing Is pure drinking water good? And to maximize the benefits of water effectively and safely, the following points should be noted:

  • Choose reputable brands: This is one of the important factors in ensuring quality and choosing to buy pure water on the market today. Avoid buying forms of water that are too cheap, have unclear origins, are not certified by competent authorities or show signs of damage.
  • Check product information: Before buying or using pure drinking water, take a moment to carefully check the information on the packaging: 
    • Manufacturers Name
    • Production address
    • Production date and expiration date
    • Ingredient
    • Quality criteria
    • Brand labels and logos
  • Use in moderate amounts: Each person's water needs are different, this completely depends on age, gender, activities, etc. On average, you should drink about 2 liters of water per day. However, we need to adjust the amount of water we drink to suit our body and health condition.
  • You should not drink too much or too little pure water every day because it can lead to a deficiency of essential minerals, causing harm to the body.
  • Proper storage: Purified water should be stored in dry, cool places and away from direct sunlight. Should be used within 2 days after opening the bottle.
  • Limit the use of plastic bottles for purified water: The production and consumption of purified water will generate a large amount of plastic waste, leading to serious environmental pollution. Limit the use of plastic bottles, you can replace them with glass water bottles or thermos bottles.
  • Should be used in combination with other types of water: Through the treatment steps, most minerals are removed, so it should be combined with other types of water such as mineral water, coconut water,... to provide adequate nutrients. for body.
  • Be careful when giving it to children: Do not let children drink too much pure water because children's nutrition is different from adults. You should supplement the nutrients and vitamins necessary for children.

Surely the above article has helped you get an accurate answer to the question "Is pure drinking water good??” However, no matter how good it is, if not used effectively, it will still bring unpredictable harm to health.

SAPUWA - with more than 30 years of experience in the field of pure drinking water production, is committed to providing quality products that are safe for health. SAPUWA not only cares about quality but is also making efforts to protect the environment through recycling programs, contributing to reducing plastic waste. Let's join SAPUWA to use water wisely, not only protecting your health but also contributing to protecting a clean, green environment. beautiful for future generations.


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