SAPUWA accompanies with the “Vu A Dinh” Scholarship Fund


The “Vu A Dinh” Scholarship Fund (The Fund) is the fund of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union specialized for ethnic minorities students that have difficult circumstances, but have wills to rise in learning and training.


Since mainly ethnic minorities are in highland, rugged terrain, harsh climate, poor resources, poor infrastructure, low quality of human resources and intellectual standards, less attraction of investment, poverty, natural disasters, and diseases that make their lives are very difficult and lack of learning facilities.


The kindness of sponsors through the fund has held students overcome difficulty and be assured in studying. Many students that received scholarships from “Vu A Dinh” fund, have entered City and local prestigious universities, have become doctors, teachers, engineers, and officers. Many of them come back to their hometowns to contribute in the local developments.


The fund has a special social meaning and attracts a lot of material and spiritual contributions from many sponsors, among these is Saigon Pure Water Company.


Together with the effort in business operation, Sapuwa always considers sponsor in education is the most important community program. In many years, Sapuwa is excited to accompany with the fund with the hope and dream of a bright future for the next Vietnamese generation.


Sapuwa’s contribution has been recognized by being award the merit “Have positive and effective contribution to the Vu A Dinh scholarships fund activities” by the Executive Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.


The future of a nation and a country is closely related to the next generation. Hence, in our ability, from financial to enthusiastic aspect, Sapuwa will continue to accompany with the Fund, with desire to improve human resource everywhere over the country, in our point of view that is a sustainable base for the country development in the integration era.

Translate by Huong Nguyen