Joining the vibrant atmosphere of EURO 2016; celebrating the 91years of the Vietnam Revolutionary Press (21/6/1925 – 21/6/2016); and enhancing the cooperation among press agencies, Press Department and Vietnam Family Newspaper have coordinated to operate the first soccer cup of press agencies – the Press Cup 2016. The Press Cup started in May 16th 2016 and ended in May 29th 2016. This is a professional cup of press agencies over the country.  


With the desire to bring sports growing stronger and more professional; and to enhance the Vietnamese health, physical strength, and stature; Sapuwa – as a beverage with specific nutritional advantages and qualified for regular use of sports with intense competition and practice as soccer; has annually spent billions VND from our income to sponsors for sports activities. Hence, when receiving the invitation letter for sponsor, Sapuwa’s pleased to sponsor free pure water to coaches, athletes, fans, service providers, reporters, and guests in meetings, rehearsals, matches, opening and closing ceremony …etc during the Cup. The Presscup’s organizer has awarded the souvenir flag and medal and honored Sapuwa as the official beverage sponsor for the Cup.

In the future, Sapuwa continues to accompany with the Press Cup in order to promote for the growth of the Press Agencies’ sports activities in particular. Besides, the Company shall promote and sponsor for any other sports activities when have chances. Sapuwa shall be consistent with our status and keep responsibilities to citizens and community as a brand supporting for the country’s sports activities, contributing to enrich the spiritual and cultural lives of people in all over the country in general.               

Xuân Lan P. HCTC