Nowadays, environment is a main concern of the whole mankind. Environmental protection has been no longer the responsibility of the government agencies, but also the common responsibility of everyone. Facing urgent requirements to protect the environment, SAPUWA has applied many useful solutions in producing and operating to supply “green” and qualified pure water drinking water products.


“Green” production process

Beside the researching on how to supply high-end qualified products, SAPUWA has paid much attention on production toward energy saving, eco-friendly, and food safety. In the factory design, we utilize the natural light and install a LED lights system that is designed to fit with the demand in each area and save energy. Our sewage system, exhaust gas system, recovery and treatment of bottle rinsing system, and solid waste treatment system…etc. are all complied with the Vietnam environmental protection law and GMP policies of WTO.

SAPUWA is the first brand applying the automatic filling PET bottles technology that utilizes production and consumption process and eco-friendly. The recalled 5-gallons bottles are treated by the specialized cleaning chemicals, decomposing themselves into Oxygen (O2) and water (H2O), that are safe for the environment. Besides, SAPUWA has a strict and professional procedure to classify the recalled 5-gallons bottes to limit bottles removed, contributing to limit PET bottles released to the environment. Furthermore, we only use pure plastic bottles, that means they can be recycled for other purposes. 

Customers have options between including 24 bottles/box or 48 bottles/box as our effort to cut box wasted and saving for customers. Our boxes are simple, limited in color, and use recycled material…etc. that help to save material in packaging production.

“Green” working environment

Our green system inside and outside the office has been significantly invested to create a green, clean and cool working environment. In parallel with establishing an environmental control management system in the Company, SAPUWA has a timely reward policy for individuals who have environmental protection initiatives such as rational uses, electricity, water, and energy savings, and pollution prevention (including reused, recycled, and waste disposal). Moreover, SAPUWA requires all material suppliers to well implement environment protection at their factories and prioritize to use environmentally friendly products, which creates a Green Effect in the enterprises community.

For our staff members, we encourage everyone to reuse papers that have already been used on one side, working mostly via email, electronic devices, reduce paper usage to the maximum. At the same time, to reduce power consumption during peak hours, our company regulates daily working hours until 17h and workers are not allowed to work after 18h. We encourage our workers to pack their lunch at home, in order to reduce the use of plastic boxes and tissue while ordering food outside. By doing that, it also ensures food hygiene and safety for everybody.  

“Green” services

SAPUWA has completely removed plastic straws including in products since 2017. It is a necessary action to protect environment. The policy – free delivery from 3 product units per time is among our efforts to limit trucks on road and we have also used bio fuel -E5 to save fuel and reduce traffic and smog. This policy has contributed to the environment’s protection and saved time for customers to receive goods.

Accompany with “Green” social activities

Not only focusing on the green environment at the Company, SAPUWA has also accompanied and sponsored for the social activities to protect environment in many years such as: Green summer campaign, Green consumption campaign, Earth Hour, Environment Walk, Green Sunday, … etc. Sapuwa staffs are enthusiastic and eager to join these meaningful activities.

SAPUWA’s Youth Union joined the "Green Sunday"


SAPUWA accompanies with the Green Consumer campaign

With these “Green” activities, customers have trusted and chose SAPUWA brand’s products. In recent years, SAPUWA has gained sustainable development (average 20% increase in revenue per year). In the near future, we will keep researching and applying modern and eco-friendly technology to save energy and protect environment.  In our point of view, this brings better benefits to consumers, for the living environment, and contributes to promote for sustainable green development strategy that the Government is encouraging businesses to implement in daily operation.

Translate by Huong Nguyen


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